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we rise by lifting others

nfts for good

Very limited, unconventional NFT collection that stands for MetaHumanity by directing ALL sales profits to organizations that support Ukrainian refugees.

Instead of feeling helpless, we choose to try to help those in despair, with what we know best. We can't do it without you.

no whitelists. first come - first served

Join our Twitter & Discord communities and be the 1st to secure a MetaHumanity Zyggo and inspire others to do the same!

Sharp crypto minds & hearts


to make a difference!

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meet zyggos
nft collection

Meet the Zyggos

Zyggo Distrikt created a humanitarian collection of 3333 NFTs inspired by Ukrainian culture and Peace symbolism. All digital collectibles are unique, some rarer than others.

MINT a Zyggo

These curious Zyggos are generated using 150+ possible traits (clothing, expressions, accessories, etc.), and will conquer the 💙 of the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens (hosted on IPFS). Each design element embodies a high level of detail, carefully hand-drawn with stubborn dedication and quirkiness. The collection is limited, you can purchase up to eleven MetaHumanity Zyggo NFTs for 0.09 ETH each (plus gas).

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why own a zyggo

You give, show, inspire, become

You can give your hands-on support to Ukrainian refugees

as all collection profits go to NGOs that fight for their survival.

You can show your love and support for Ukraine

by using your Zyggo as a statement-avatar in social media, or as cool prints.

You inspire others

to act for peace and solidarity, and limit the war impact on Ukrainian people.

You become a Zyggo Distrikt member

and get early access to our upcoming non-charity NFT collections and membership perks; (we've put our initial NFT project on hold as we're focusing all our resources on the MetaHumanity initiative to help Ukrainian refugees as soon as possible).

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“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Malcom X

We were born human. Keeping out humanity is a choice.


Togetherness is our nation. Love by action is our religion.


War settles nothing, peace is the only thing worth waging.


The Zyggo Metahumanity initiative is ABOUT YOU, about the power of the crypto community to do something to limit the pain of the war.

Time is now: Metaverse for Metahearts of Ukraine.
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Zyggo team

Just like our NFTs, we're a peculiar bunch of multidisciplinary seniors who love digital art and what it can do for the MetaSociety. We can't do boring, so we have a couple of furry sidekicks to get our creative juices flowing: one hyper puppy and four charismatic cats.

We chose to stay anonymous, as the MetaHumanity Zyggo NFT project is a collective movement - and credits for helping Ukraine belong to each and every one of you.



Founder & Crypto Nerd

Levitating iron man. Wine & chocolate taster.

Spirit animal: Yoda (Star Wars)



Blockchain Champion

Amateur dog trainer. Fired-up jogging addict.

Spirit animal: Road Runner (Looney Tunes)



People Whisperer & Brand Alchemist

Recovering idealist. Undercover introvert.

Spirit animal: Falkor (The Neverending Story)



NFT Creator & Visual Heartist

Truth fighter. Always bold or italic, never regular.

Spirit animal: Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon)



Tactical Code Freak

Devoted papa bear. Professional toe stabber.

Spirit animal: Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)



Brand & Visual Heartist

Cat tamer. Turning coffee into statement-designs.

Spirit animal: Pikachu (Pokemon)


Coming soon...

Zygoptera has been around for over 250 million years. Zyggos are agile, hypnotising predators with many talents. This is why an E.T. Intelligence Syndicate selected and genetically reengineered them - to study us and to become us.

This secret metacivilization has been trespassing for a long time, and it's getting ready to invade the Metaverse!

Get ready to witness the rise of the Zyggo Society!


Zyggos are on the lookout for clever crypto allies to help them infiltrate and conquer.

The list is limited, the allies will be granted the means for great power.

Be ahead of the game, take control of your fate and join the Zyggo Elite Coalition to unleash your MetaSelf! A world of crypto treasures awaits.

Be an ally and take over the metaverse!

Join our Discord community before we launch.


The Zyggo Team set out on a heart invasion mission for Ukraine.

We're currently using all our resources for the limited MetaHumanity collection, as Ukrainian people need the support of the NFT community now!


Empowering the Future of NFT Experiences

We will continue to add to our roadmap over time.


Incubate | Brand building & Partnerships


Infiltrate | Community expansion


Invade | MetaSelf Whitelisting & collection launch


Online Store | Quality merchandise for verified holders


Comic Book | Zyggo Distrikt illustrated MetaBook


Immerse | MetaEra membership perks & opportunities

Owning your Zyggo is your MetaPass to trending NFT investments and unlocks Membership privileges and rewards. You’ll play a big role in our roadmap and have a chance to shape the Zyggo Distrikt future!

Check out some of the wacky perks we have lined up for you.

15% salesgear up to offer you more, pay back our NFT project loans

25% salesrandom NFT air drops to lucky Zyggo owners

40% salesraffles, freebies and wacky rewards for the most active members

50% salesactivate Zyggo Transformation Room for NFT HODlers

70% saleslaunch Zyggo Distrikt virtual comic book

80% salesgive back by sponsoring NGOs that help people with rare disorders (e.g. MMN)

100% salesreveal the identity of one Zyggo Team Member (by community vote), and more

learn more


Read on bellow. Reach out and ask us anything via Twitter and Discord.